M600, New Supercars From Noble

When inaugurated in 2009, the Noble M600 is receiving much praise, but mysteriously there is this void that prevents the car was launched in November of that year. If we speed up time to this week, it turns out Noble has released the newest version and ready for production in April next.

Honda NSX Set For Successor Generation HSV

The latest news from Honda headquarters in convey directly by Takanobu Ito, President of Honda. Takanobu said the company has returned to build high-performance sports car, which will be positioned as the successor to HSV. Takanobu said that this new model will be based on HSV-010GT race car, which was introduced last January.

Mercedes SLS AMG Widestar by Brabus

Brabus expand “Wide Star” version of the Mercedes-Benz AMG previous SLS. In addition to the body panels from carbon provides a vehicle tuner from Bottrop to false Gullwing lightweight wheels, a comfort adjustable electronic suspension, titanium performance exhaust system with good management and equipment electronically controlled individually for interior. Brabus offers for part-part essay AMG […]